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Pouch Reset Plan


Post-Op complete kit

Antiaging Kit

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Stop the aging process of weight loss! with the top nutrients for glowing skin and hair:


  • One bottle of powdered hydrolyzed collagen

  • One bottle of high potency liquid Omega-3

  • One bottle of powdered unflavored organic whey protein

  • One bottle of liquid vitamin B12 -methylcobalamin-

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Regular Price: $103.45

Special Price $93.10


Wrinkly skin? joint pain? losing hair? Loosing too much weight too fast can accelerate aging.

Help minimize the impact of rapid weight loss with the right nutrients. This is the most comprehensive beauty kit to fight aging, from the inside out, while in the process of losing extreme weight.

Say hello to skin renewal and repair!

The beauty and youth of hair, nail and skin are greatly impacted by factors such as age, nutrition, overall health and extreme weight loss. You can slow down the visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging skin, poor digestive health, and joint pain by providing a nutritional baseline with enough protein, collagen, vitamin B12, and Omega-3.

  • Collagen and protein hold together the different parts of our bodies
  • Omega-3 plays an important role in the structure of every cell, including skin cells
  • B12, in the methylcobalamin form, plays an essential role in methylation, which is needed to replicate genes and regulate their activity


Collagen makes up 70 to 80 percent of your skin!

Collagen also facilitates cartilage production, lubrication of joints, assists in the repair of wounds (helping in post-surgical healing), and, supports healthy digestive tract lining. Our body’s collagen production naturally begins to slow down as we age. By 40 years old of age, we will likely have lost 20% of the total collagen found in our body. Another great benefit of consuming collagen is that it helps seal and restore the protective lining of the digestive tract. As research has shown, many illnesses are related to an unhealthy gut. Poor gut health, including permeability (undigested and toxic particles being able to pass from the intestines into the body where they can trigger an inflammatory cascade that may progress into a diversity of diseases) and an altered microbiome (the good bacteria that repairs the gut and even produce biotin!) has effects beyond the GI tract seen in associated conditions such as mental health, feeling irritable, not being able to lose weight, and lack of energy and sleep.

Hydrolized collagen is a “pre-digested” form of collagen that is absorbed more easily and rapidly.

It has also been shown to increase the density of collagen fibrils that form the skin.
People with compromised digestive systems, including patients with obesity or weight loss surgery, should focus on providing support to the gastrointestinal tract to increase the absorption of nutrients and reduce toxic load -which can impair weight loss.


Protein helps build muscle, supports immune system, hormone synthesis, enzyme production, mental health and greatly supports growth and strength of the skin, hair and nails. Protein constitutes about 90% of each hair strand!


Omega-3 significantly promotes healthy cell properties that benefit every tissue in your body, especially the heart, central nervous system and the largest organ in our bodies: the skin.

Vitamin B12

The methylcobalamin form of Vitamin B12 is a key nutrient for brain and nerve function and supports renewal of the skin and hair.

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