Our stomach has  the ability to stretch as a result of food intake. Folds of tissue within the stomach expand and contract in response to food consumption. After weight loss surgery,the stretching of the new pouch is a natural process, to some degree, in sleeve and plication or Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve™ patients, but it should be avoided in band or bypass patients.

Throughout the first several months following sleeve or plication surgery, this newly created stomach pouch heals and regains elasticity; it expands a bit within a year's time and starts accommodating a little more volume. A  mature sleeve or plication pouch can hold up to 8 ounces of food.

A band pouch can hold about 4  to 6 ounces(½-¾ cup) of food, the gastric bypass pouch can hold 2 to 4 ounces (¼-½ cup).  Band patients who have heartburn, difficulty swallowing solid food, or regurgitate after eating should consider a Pouch Reset to help determine if this may be due to medical causes.

Stretching the pouch after surgery is not a myth. It happens. Overstretching of the pouch has many causes, and most are  avoidable. For those patients whose pouch has been stretched, a Pouch Reset is a strategy commonly used to get the pouch back to a smaller size.



Cottage Cheese Test

Wondering about the size of your pouch? In 1996 Dr. Flanagan designed The Cottage Cheese Test to measure the physical size of the pouch. He found that sizes ranging from 3 to 9 ounces have NO IMPACT on the person's success in weight loss.This means that unless your pouch holds a greater volume than 9 ounces (267 ml), the exact size of your pouch is not a critical factor in whether or not you can lose excess weight or manage weight.

Find the instructions HERE

VITALEPH Pouch Reset Plan

The Pouch Reset Plan helps get the restriction back and reduce inflammation.It lasts only 7 days and patients claim being able to get back in control and/or receiving confirmation that a medical assessment is needed.The Pouch Reset Plan severely restricts your food intake so it’s important that you do this with your physician or dietitian´s approval and support.

Since reducing carbohydrates is an important part of the Pouch Reset Plan, these 7 days will help reduce sugar cravings, get control back on your weight loss and get a sense of a having a fresh start.

After completing the Pouch Reset, it is important to avoid the risk of further stretching the pouch. Returning to the very basic principles you learned immediately after bariatric surgery will be helpful.

You can get everything you need to get back on track with our 7 day VITALEPH Pouch Reset Plan. You will receive an e-book with full instructions for a successful pouch reset.  Get the restriction back in the healthiest way!


“Don't go back to less, just because you're too impatient to wait for the best.” – Anonymous


To a long, productive, healthy and happy life.

Lucía Chávez, Nutritionist

Flanagan, L. Measurement of Functional Pouch Volume Following the Gastric Bypass Procedure. Ob Surg 1996; 6:38-43