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About us

About us

We live in a world where overweight and obese are the “new normal” and is now considered for sometime a global epidemic that threatens our very existence. Humans have never produced more food in the history of the world. Could this explain the epidemic? How can there be so much food and yet the top diseases afflicting the world be obesity and malnourishment, many times coexisting in the same individual?

“Modern science now understands that being overweight or obese is in fact a state of malnourishment. In other words, calorie dense foods are void in essential micronutrients.”

Industrialized food processing produces attractive marketable and often long shelf-life food products void of micronutrients that are essential for health. This condition creates hunger at a celular level that perpetuates the cycle. We are literally starving ourselves fat! Fat in turn raises havoc in our metabolic balance creating diseases adding insult to injury through diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Obesity and diabetes are still increasing around the world. Our food is grown in nutrient depleted soils, animals fattened artificially in feed lots, mass grains production of subsidized GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) include corn, soy and wheat, bought off pennies on the dollar to manufacture processed food resulting in an abundance of cheap food with no nutrients. Recent studies have confirmed that none of the programs focused on better habits and nutrition have worked globally! The future looks grim.

My team and I have dedicated a decade and a half to helping patients reach their ideal weight through bariatric surgery. This experience has resulted in deepening our understanding of obesity and healthy weight loss. It would seem that dramatic weight-loss many times does not result in a healthier individual. “You can’t starve an individual back to health, you have to nourish him!”.

Major medical and nutritional societies around the world now agree that ALL patients undergoing weight loss and restrictive diets, should be supplemented preferably for life. Modern research also agrees that most of the chronic and degenerative diseases have a direct relationship with what we eat and how we nourish our bodies. We believe that Hippocrates famous quote: “Let food be your Medicine” is full of wisdom, but unfortunately he didn’t count on industry’s ability to screw up the meaning of food!

VITALEPH Designer Nutrition is a research based engineered nutrition focused on providing essential micronutrients, supplements and compounds not readily available in modern food. Our bodies thrive on nourishment and require essential micronutrients to ward off disease and sustain health.

Let VITALEPH be your medicine. VITALEPH, it’s for life!

Ariel Ortiz Lagardere MD, FACS, IFASMBS
Director of Bariatric Surgery, SRC Surgeon of Excellence
Obesity Control Center, JCI, Joint Commission Accredited,
SRC, International Center of Excellence